7 fun eve activities of New Year

7 fun New Year’s eve activities

Celebrating New Year with our loved ones is best with fun games. Here are 7 fun eve activities of New Year to play that both adults and kids will enjoy.
  1. New Year's Eve Scramble
Write many letters that form with different New Year’s Eve related words and mix them in a container. The person who guessed the highest number of words gets the prize.

2. Fun Photos
Take photos of every member randomly. Inform them that the person who has the silliest face wins. If you have a smart TV or a laptop and projector, use them so everyone can see the pictures. And all of you will end up laughing at another.

3. Indoor Treasure Hunt
Kids always go crazy about treasure hunts because of the surprises and the mixture of fun and challenge. If your location is warm, you can extend the stations outside. Just make sure they are safe.

4. Time Capsule
Request everyone write one big resolution for themselves and place them inside a sealed container. Collect all their capsules and keep them inside a large and secured box. Open them the next New Year's Eve and see what you have done with what you wrote.

5. Word Game
Form a group and write as many words as you can from the letters of the word "Happy New Year." The group with the highest number of words wins.

6. Scavenger Hunt

Find any object inside the house that has something to do with New Year. You can set a time to challenge everyone to gather as many items for a limited time!

7. Charades
Identify a theme/topic. Make a bunch list of words/phrases that relates to the topic. Assign two groups. Act out the given word/s one member at a time. The other group members will guess what the word/s is/are.
If the group fails to guess the correct answer, the opposing group will have the chance to steal. The highest score wins.

New Year's Eve is a celebration of gratitude and victories! Make it enjoyable and memorable with the ones you love! 
Say goodbye to 2021 with a bang! Happy New Year!