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Customized Design

We have an independent professional design team, and designers have 15 years of experience in the design industry. We have appearance designers, structural designers, and product engineers, who can design a professional product for you at the same time. We will design and provide you with 3D files, CAD document, and CDR vector diagrams at the same time.

Professional design level with 15 years of design experience
Independently own more than 14 design patents
Design team with appearance designer, structural designer, and product engineer
Provide 3D model STP document, 2D CAD doucment, and vector diagram SVG document
Customized CNC Milling and Turning

We have more than 10 CNC machining machines and a professional 5-axis turning machine. We can make large-scale mass production while making a single sample at the same time. We guarantee high-quality products while maintaining efficiency.

5000 Square meters production workshop with 14 production lines
High-precision CNC machining while ensuring that the tolerance is less than 0.1mm
High processing precision, suitable for customized production of precision milling panels and high-end parts
According to the requirements of customers, custom cut out, custom slotting, and custom production
Customized Anodizing color

The use of anodizing treatment can significantly improve the corrosion resistance, surface hardness, and wear resistance of aluminum enclosure. At the same time, you can choose different colors as decoration.

Improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum materials and prevent the possibility of rust
Improve the hardness and wear resistance of aluminum materials, making the aluminum shell lighter and harder
According to your needs, you can add up to 9 different colors to the aluminum enclosure
The aluminum enclosure can be non-conductive after anodization which improves safety performance
Customized Surface Drawing

We have two different printing methods: laser engraving and silk screen printing. You can add your desired logo or more to your aluminum case. At the same time, it can meet your multiple needs for different colors.

According to your needs to print the signs or prompts you need
You can choose any color you want in silkscreen
Laser engraving can highlight your logo while also having a unique touch feel
Laser printing with advantage of never fading

Why Choose Us?

We have a mold production workshop that is able to cover die-cast mold, extrusion mold, and plastic injection mold. We also have a finishing workshop to cut holes and do other basic mechanic works.

Mass Production Factory

This workshop is mainly responsible for producing large quantities of orders. The first floor is the production area included CNC machines, punches machines, laser cutters, tapping chamfering machines, etc. The second floor is a working office for handle the related matters of business department orders and drawings instrument enclosure.instrument enclosure

Sample Production Workshop & Inventory Warehouse

Sample production.
We don’t have minimum orders. So we set up a special sample department and purchased a batch of equipment for the production of samples. The purpose of this department is to help customers prepare in advance. By helping customers produce samples, so as to meet customer requirements. And determine the template for the next batch production.

Inventory warehouse
We already prepare a large number of different sizes enclosures without openings or printing in our warehouse. So we can provide samples to our customers more conveniently and quickly.

Anodizing Factory

In order to control the quality of anodizing by ourselves, we set up our own anodizing workshop for surface treatment, brushed, and sandblasting. We can customize different colors for anodizing such as black, silver, gold, blue, red, champagne gold, and more.instrument enclosure

Over 17 years experience in the aluminum enclosure industry and over 10 years experience in the production process.

Our CEO has entered this industry since 2005 and he has been dedicated to serving this industry for 17 years. In 2011, he established the factory and expand the scale of production. instrument enclosure

Professional R&D team

We have our own professional design team to contribute to the development of new products. So far, all our products are designed by them. For example, the M series waterproof aluminum enclosure was put into production after the R&D team design and developed experiments for 6 months.

Engineer team

Our engineering team is made of more than 10 professional engineers. They can provide drawing services, technical support, model building, and drawing construction to you. They can complete at least hundreds of drawings every day.

Yongu's Leader

We have an excellent team in the R&D, engineering, mold, production, and sales departments.

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