Aluminum Instrument Enclosure

Aluminum Instrument Enclosure

The electrical instrument enclosure can be divided into industrial chassis and computer chassis, which are the basic framework and support for the electronic system. The main objective of industrial chassis is to protect your electrical system from damages. It serves its purpose in the different industrial fields such as communication, video surveillance, data storage, CNC machine tools, and all other industrial control that needs safekeeping.

Benefits of aluminum instrument enclosure:

1. Instrument boxes acts as an excellent electromagnetic shielding from any external devices, promoting zero disruption to your system.
2. Strong heat dissipation due to the natural property of Aluminum Alloy
3. Lightweight and has fresh appearances based on your preference of color.
4. Versatile manufacturing process can be chosen to satisfy your need, such as surface treatment, secondary anodizing, or sandblasting.

Yongu is one of the professional instrument enclosure manufacturers in China, and our industrial control chassis is good for heat dissipation and has good scalability. We can meet more stringent requirements, including the production and finishing of the shell. Our series provides you with handheld instrument enclosures adopting a modular approach ideal in mass production. Its manufacturing undergoes through CNC production using high-quality aluminum alloys. We create instrument aluminum box that are applicable in various housing fields, including the extruded aluminum project box that forms into different structures easily.

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