Custom Electric Box Guide: What We Can Offer?

High-quality products are always the goal of our efforts. For product managers, high-quality products that everyone can afford are good products. The use of aluminum alloy materials can make the appearance more exquisite, and the use of sheet metal materials can have better manufacturability and low prices.

Benefit of Aluminum Alloy Enclosure

The use of aluminum alloy profiles can save a lot of materials, forming by extrusion saves time than cnc processing, and can make complex shapes. Therefore, the aluminum alloy could reduce the material cost.

Profiles need mold making, you don't have to worry about molds increasing product cost, we have many shared molds, and there are a lot of stock profiles, you can use them arbitrarily, while using these profiles we have designed a lot of universal chassis and shells. You can choose the case that fits your product from the ready-made products.|custom aluminum enclosure
Since our products have more than 250 models, the R&D center continues to develop new products, and there will be more and more models. How to quickly and accurately find the right case for you?
The most convenient way is to directly search our website with the dimensions of length, width and height. Then select your favorite structure and appearance products in the results.

Custom Aluminum Box:  A Few Points to Note

① For a standard electric box, the width is the width of the front panel, and the internal width of the chassis should go to the details page to find the data.
②The depth of the same product is the external distance of the front and rear panels. How much the inside is depends on the thickness of the panel.
③For the height of the chassis, if it is calculated in U, due to the variety of profiles, if you have height requirements, please see the detailed drawing introduction. Determine the specific internal, or external height dimensions.
If the content of the website does not solve your question, please contact us. After a simple procedure, we can give you the design drawings of your products and do our best to serve your design.
You may not find the product you need. Don't worry, many of our products can be customized in size. Please refer to the following principles:
①H series and J series are shells, the profile determines the size of the cross section, only the length (depth) size can be changed arbitrarily.
②C series case is a standard width case, the height cannot be changed, and the depth can be any size. The width can be changed arbitrarily, of course, after changing the width, it is not a standard chassis. Some products in the G series and W series chassis are also suitable for this change.
③ A series, B series, D series products have a lot of length, width and height sizes to choose from, I hope you can choose stock size products, so that you can control the price of the product. If there are special requirements for the width, we can design but the processing cost will be relatively high. We can also design the depth of D series as required.
For more special requirements, you can enter the product details to knoe more about the information.
If you want the product to be unique and do not want to be similar to others, we can design profiles and custom service for your aluminum box, and there are cooperative suppliers to provide profiles for you to make molds, and make molds for you at an excellent price. When you want to retrieve the molds, you only need to pay The mold storage fee is sufficient. Everything is handled by us for you.
As long as we maximize the use of aluminum profiles to produce products, we can have both fish and bear paws.