What are the settings of laboratory enclosures?

The accurate and reliable weighing of volatile powder chemicals, active medicinal substances, and nanomaterial is essential to the smooth running of laboratories. Workers dealing with these hazardous substances must adhere strictly to all applicable regulations and best practices.
Powders, particles, gases, and fumes can all be contained in a laboratory's weighing procedures owing to the use of vented enclosures designed for such materials. Most laboratories use enclosures, but those dealing with pharmaceuticals, chemicals, biology, and poisons use them the most.
Biosafety cabinets and Laboratory enclosures protect the operator by allowing for continual airflow into the system via internal fans. The filtered air will be brought back into the lab, keeping the space free of dust and allergens. The models' internal airflow and the filters' quality are also essential factors in how the system functions.


The safety of workers depends heavily on choosing or designing the suitable biosafety cabinet for the job at hand, which is a more involved process than it may seem at first.
Before choosing an enclosure for laboratory settings, it's essential to weigh the potential risks the material poses.
  • Is it a toxic chemical?
  • Does it contain an API (active pharmaceutical ingredient)?
  • Could it just be a hazardous form of a specific chemical?
The first thing to do is check the material's safety data sheet (SDS) or other relevant hazard documents to see whether there are any risks associated with it.
If you're having trouble deciding biosafety cabinets and vented weatherproof enclosure, your supplier would likely appreciate the opportunity to evaluate the hazard data for the materials you're considering utilizing.
Knowing the differences between the available enclosures is essential to choose the one that works best for your facility.

Ducted Fume Hoods
The highest level of safety for the user is achieved through exhausting fumes outside, especially if the gases are chemically hazardous. Numerous manufacturers use "by-pass" designs, which allow for constant airflow within the benchtop fume hood enclosure regardless of the position of the sash. Designs with reduced airflow protect users while using less power.

Biosafety and PCR Enclosures
Hybrid designs are safe enough to utilize when handling hazardous materials. As air enters the biosafety cabinet, it is filtered by a HEPA filter, then again as it leaves and is released outside. Type A2 cabinets are helpful for various tasks, including working with hazardous but susceptible biological products.

Vented Enclosures
Enclosure hoods improve ventilation by enclosing a portion of the area producing odours. Regarding safety, some models relative to vented weatherproof enclosure take the extra step of directing a blast of air. Delicate tasks, such as weighing, can be carried out while protecting personal safety thanks to low-flow ventilation systems of vented weatherproof enclosure. Airflow options include releasing it outside or recycling it back within the room after passing through a filter.

Ductless Fume Hoods
In these chambers, stagnant air is filtered out and replaced with clean air. Ideal for places where natural airflow is not possible. Ductless fume hoods are capable of removing nearly all biological and chemical contaminants. Monitoring techniques can confirm when concentrations of certain airborne chemicals have been decreased to safe levels.

Extractor Systems
Ventilate just the area around the offending substance. Fumes and airborne particles can be quickly and easily removed by adjusting the position of the extractor arms and used frequently when the source of the fumes cannot be relocated to a traditional hood or when the fumes are harmless but unpleasant, such as a poor odour but not a chemical hazard. Airflow options include releasing it outside or recycling it back within the enclosure after passing through a filter.

There is more to accomplish after you have chosen the suitable enclosure.
  • It would help if you did a job safety analysis to determine how the scientists or lab attendants will utilize the biosafety cabinet and vented enclosure. People can be careless with the enclosure, or their work can be done in a way that reduces effectiveness.
  • To effectively convey to users the best practices for securely executing their duties and the constraints of dust and other fumes within the vented weatherproof enclosure, a thorough evaluation of the workflow is essential.
  • Consider whether or not you require PPE, engineering, or administrative controls after making this assessment.
  • Lab attendants or scientists should monitor exposure to ensure that biosafety cabinet and  enclosure performs as expected. In addition to providing proof that the system is functioning, sampling can assist detect any problems with the enclosure or the way it is used.

If you need help designing and building a new biosafety cabinet and vented enclosure for use in a lab or testing purposes, YONGU is here to help.
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First, we analyze the intended use case, and then we use computer-aided design (CAD) software to create the best possible enclosure design.

Designing The Unique Prototype
Designing a custom prototype is one of YONGU offerings. To put it simply, we sell items for original equipment and design manufacturers. To ensure your articles stand out from the crowd, we can assist you in redesigning the structure and appearance of your prototype.
  • Share your enclosure specifications in an online forum
  • Design a prototype that stands out visually and structurally
  • Do whatever it takes to tweak the layout at no extra cost until you're satisfied
  • We will provide a sample service before you place bulk orders, and we will assist you in testing the aluminum case to make sure it matches your requirements
Our state-of-the-art equipment and expertly educated staff allow us to create and weld virtually any housing. Customized laboratory settings enclosures typically designed of plastic or aluminum; however, we can provide stainless steel or iron manufactured products per your requirement.

Engineering The Best Solutions
Engineering optimal solutions are one of the many services YONGU provides. Your ideas and concepts can be turned into an actual, working prototype or production run by us.
  • We can create your 3D model, CAD file, or hand-drawn drawing in Solid works and maintain it and confirm it with you if you provide us with these.
  • You can access the 3D and CAD files for our already-produced products and make any changes you like to them.
  • Pitch us an idea, and we'll take care of the rest
  • For printed circuit boards (PCBs), the structural components of electronic gadgets, we offer a complete set of solutions that work
YONGU ambition is to employ Multi-Disciplinary Optimization techniques to optimize the system following the needs you have articulated for a custom product by parameterizing the system's design and operation parameters.

Processing The High-Quality Products
The processing of high-quality enclosures is one of the services offered by YONGU. Allow for more accurate supply chains rather than concentrating on making frictionless technologies. We will supply you with top-notch aluminum housing.
  • All of your manufacturing-related concerns are explained.
  • Production of aluminum packaging and other products utilizing computer numerical control machinery
  • Building and testing to the highest standards achievable from the outset of the design process
  • Offering the best possible results for a reasonable price

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