What should be paid attention to when extruding aluminum profile enclosure?

Aluminum profile manufacturers need to extrude a variety of different aluminum alloy profiles every day. Among them, the aluminum profile enclosure is the more common one. Shell aluminum profiles generally have higher requirements for decoration, and some shells have relatively thin wall thickness. So, what should you pay attention to when extruding the aluminum profile enclosure? The following is a brief introduction and analysis.

1. Surface treatment.

After the aging treatment, the hardness of the blank reaches the standard, so the aluminum profile is not easy to bend. But when you put it on the shelf, you need to pay attention to the hanging material at both ends, try to avoid violent fluctuations up and down, which will cause a certain amount of bending to the aging aluminum shell.

The aluminum profile enclosure is made by processing the aluminum profile obtained during drawing. It has high flexibility and can cut in any depth. Generally speaking, there are circuit board slots inside. As long as it is directly inserted into the circuit board, it does not need to be fixed. Compared with other types of shells, it has unparalleled convenience and has a broader application prospect.

aluminum profile enclosure

2. Squeeze and straighten.

Straightening is a very important part of the aluminum shell manufacturing process. The straightening machine must pay attention to the intensity used for straightening. If the force is too large, it may cause problems such as deformation and necking of the aluminum profile; if the force is too small, the straightening may not be possible, resulting in bending. So we must control the intensity.

3. Extrusion frame.

This link is very important. After sawing the fixed length, the aluminum profile will be framed. At this time, frame workers need to pay attention: whether the material is large or small, whether it is a material with a tube or drawn with a flat die. Generally speaking, it is not easy to bend when hanging the frame at both ends of the material with pipes, but the material drawn out of the small material is easy to be bent at the two ends. At this time, it should be lifted from both ends to the middle and framed. However, some aluminum profiles, such as shutters, window panels, glands, etc., must be placed on the aging aluminum profile and then hung inside the frame.

The above precautions for extrusion of aluminum profile enclosures are recommended for operators to pay more attention to the condition of the profile to avoid partial or point-like deformation, twisting, spiraling and other defects of the aluminum profile.