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Aluminum electronics enclosure manufacture.

According to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), an electrical enclosure box or electronic enclosure is a “cabinet or box that protects electrical or electronic equipment,” effectively preventing or reducing the risk of electrical shock. These enclosures are typically made from metals like aluminum, stainless steel.

When you plan to find an electronics enclosure factory for a custom enclosure, you have to consider different aspects of the design of the enclosure, such as size, material, rating systems, and so on. It’s very essential to know the attributes, strengths, and weaknesses of each material. Our designers and engineers usually select the components of the aluminum electronics enclosure in accordance with the required specification and specific functions of the devices.

We are a professional extruded aluminum enclosures electronics manufacturer with three strong teams, namely the designer team who knows modern aesthetics, the professional business team, and the quality control after-sales service team. Stylishly designed aluminum enclosures with aluminum extrusion. Suitable to be used for FA control boxes, network devices, measuring instruments, audio amplifiers. Mobile enclosures, hinged enclosures, sloped enclosures, flanged enclosures are available.

Yongu has a great selection of extruded aluminum electronics enclosures for electronics projects as well as a large variety of other boxes.

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