• YONGU Aluminum Enclosure With Corner Bumper S202 170-90-250mm

    • Modern appearance
    • Hole drilling customization
    • No minimum order qty
    • With small plastic wrap protective angle 
    • Modern design incorporating ergonomic front panel handles
    • Robust aluminum case body with removable top, base and rear panels
    • Printing: Support laser engraving and silk screen
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    YONGU Aluminum Enclosure With Corner Bumper S202 170-90-250mm

    Distinctively designed aluminum case.
    Available different sizes.
    Aluminium instrument case equipped with shockproof and anti-slip corner guards. 
    Widely applicable to measuring instruments, analyzers and power supplies.

    Custom cutout and milling.

                                                    Custom Aluminum Case

    We offered customized service for changeable width, height, length, designing service for outer surface, structure and
    CMF, which help to be good and fashionable style. With advanced on site and information management, complying with
    complete process for milling and carving, we could meet more strict requirements production and finishing for enclosures.