Buyer Guide: IP68 Enclosure

YONGU provides robust aluminum enclosures which have superior heat dissipation. What we offer the waterproof enclosures have the qualification of IP68 or IP67. Our IP68 enclosures present an excellent performance in a wet and dirty environment. IP68 also ensures the internal electronics stay safe in harsh conditions.
If you are hunting for the IP68 enclosure, we provide a variety of IP68 enclosures designed. If you want to design your own enclosure for your electronics, YONGU also offers customization services. Before you purchase the IP enclosure, we would love to guide you to grasp the brief information about IP68.

What are IP Ratings?

According to Wikipedia, the IP Ratings is published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), which classifies and rates the degree of protection provided by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures against dust, accidental contact, intrusion, and water.
In the IP Ratings, two digits are indicating the protecting grade of the enclosure. The first digit indicates the level of protection against solid object ingress. The range of the first digit is 0 to 6. The second digit indicates the level of protection against water ingress. The range of the second digit is 0 to 8. Both of the grades of the digits are ascending. The higher the digit is, the higher the grade of protection is.

What are IP68 Enclosures?

As above mentioned, the digit stands for the protection level. 6, as the first digit, means the enclosure could be completely against dust. 6 is the maximum level of dust protection rated under the evaluation of the IP System. With an IP68 enclosure, the internal electronics are still protected from the huge windblown dust and other particles. 8, as the second digits, means the enclosure is completely waterproof, even under the condition of prolonged immersion.Therefore, according to the evaluation of the IP Ratings, the IP68 enclosure has the top protection level in both dust and water. IP68 enclosure could well protect the internal electronics.

What IP68 Enclosures Does YONGU Offer?

If you need an IP68 enclosure, YONGU offers a wide range of enclosures products that could customize your ideal sizes. Here are our major products:
YONGU M Series: is an ideal series of products that are suitable for rail transit, underwater detection, and outdoor monitoring equipment.
YONGU L Series: provides different models of waterproof IP68 Aluminum Enclosure. The different models offer different practical functions which could meet your specific application needs.