Guide to NEMA Enclosure

Today, electronic devices have become indispensable things in our work life and daily life. These electronic devices are the fruit of modern civilization. But have you noticed the ordinary electronic box which covers the electronic device? As a matter of fact, the electronic box could escort the working of the electronic devices.
The enclosure box provides not only the internal devices a stable working environment but also users with a safe product and protects humans or animals. Today, many kinds of enclosures are provided. Today, I will introduce you one of the most important electronic enclosures ---- NEMA enclosure to let you further understand the enclosure.

What is NEMA Enclosure?

Because of the rapid development of electronic equipment, several important industry associations and organizations determine to educate and protect customers by setting the standard about the production and use of the electric box. Two major organizations need to be emphasized in this activity: the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). The NEMA is related with the NEMA rating scales. According to Wikipedia, the NEMA defines standards used in North America for various grades of electrical enclosures typically used in industrial applications. Therefore, The NEMA enclosure is a type of box meets the criterion that NEMA defines.

Type of NEMA Enclosure

The NEMA rating can be divided into many types of enclosures. Here is an chart that could clearly present you what functions do they have. And Then I would select some of levels to help you understand this chart. 
electronic enclosure
●NEMA 1: The NEMA 1 enclosure is specially designed for the indoor used for protecting the internal electronic device. It also could against limited amounts of falling dirt.
●NEMA 2: The NEMA 2 enclosure also is indoor used electronics enclosure box. It also could provide a degree of protection to internal electronic device. It would against falling dirt and limited amounts of falling water, such as the dripping, light splashing.
●NEMA 3: The NEMA 3 enclosure can used in either indoor or outdoor. It could protect the internal devices, under the bad weather conditions(rain, sleet and win-blown dust). Furthermore, the enclosure would not be damaged by the cold ice.
●NEMA 3R: The NEMA3R is the advanced version of the NEMA 3. It covers all the functions that the NEMA 3 has. Also, there is a small drain hole on the bottom which is used to ventilate and quickly disperse any invaded water.
●NEMA 3SX: The NEMA 3SX is the third one that can be used in either indoor or outdoor. It provides a certain degree of protection against rain, sleet, windblown dust, and corrosion. Furthermore, the NEMA 3SX allows operators to implement the procedure when the ice-laden.
●NEMA 4: The NEMA 4 is designed for either indoor or outdoor. The NEMA 4 has the special dust-tight, water-tight seal to against windblown particles, rain, splashing water and hose-direct water.
●NEMA 4X/IP66: The enclosure is specially constructed for either indoor or outdoor use. Based on the basic functions of the original NEMA4, the NEMA 4X also offers an additional functions that it could against the corrosion.


Thanks to the standard that the enclosure manufacturer made, we could clearly know that what functions the enclosure can offer and choose the right electronics enclosure. If your  are finding a factory to manufacturer enclosure, YONGU is your first choice. YONGU offers customize service so that you could get best price NEMA enclosure design.