Uses of Aluminum Enclosure in Digital Communication

What is Digital Communication
Communication is a vital part of life. It keeps us connected with our loved ones across places and with the help of technology communication has never been better. Modern platforms are now being used to save time and cost-effectively. One of which is the virtual world of digital communication.
As this pandemic affected most of our face-to-face events, digital communication never stopped in providing us speedy connection with one another. There are different types of digital communication tools that are widely used nowadays. These are email, video conferencing, phone calls, and web chats. Digital communication can occur with or without the use of the internet.
Now, messaging is so easy that it can be done through chat or text. Even national and international conferences can be done virtually hassle-free. Now everything can be done online, as a seller, imagine having a smooth transaction with your buyer without being physically present to sell your products.
Education has also shifted to the use of digital communication in conducting classes.A lot of sectors have now seen the value of engaging in digital communication.
But what makes up the system of digital communication?

Materials used in Digital Communication

        The Digital Communication System is made up of six primary basic blocks. In its respective flow, the communication starts with information input and goes through the source encoder, channel encoder, channel modulator, digital demodulator, channel decoder, and lastly source decoder which results in information output.
All of these channels aid in transferring information from one place to another. Another component of digital communication is the equipment used. Smartphones, cellphones, and landline telephones are considered equipment for digital communication or telecommunication. Also, one primary piece of equipment is the computer composed of different hardware components such as PC desktop, laptop, notebooks, tablets, other visual or audio equipment, and even the new Raspberry Pi desktop.
Of course, communication needs a receiver and sender, so it is necessary to have an efficient microphone and speaker.
Nowadays, people are investing in high-quality speakers and microphones for video conferencing. Other auxiliary products used in digital communication are the printer, scanner, hard drives or external storage devices, and digital cameras. Many of this equipment are made of aluminum due to their natural excellent properties. Most of these electronic devices contain aluminum, especially smartphones since personal phones are now being used as a primary commodity for communication, work, and even educational purposes. Aluminum is present in printed circuit boards, hard drives, CPU heat sinks, and many more.
Below are some examples of aluminum used in the equipment of digital communication.
  • Aluminum Case Computer
  • Aluminum Amplifier Enclosure
  • Smartphone Casing, such as the Samsung Galaxy series is mostly made of aluminum, due to their lightweight property.
  • Aluminum Motherboard, because aluminum has a high heat dissipation property.  
  • Aluminum Computer Monitor Stand
  • Aluminum Computer/Laptop Support
  • Aluminum Raspberry Pi Case
Aluminum has proven over the years to be a good conductor of electricity, heat dissipation, and corrosion resistance. Aluminum enclosures, aluminum cases, and aluminum boxes are made to provide structural strength, durability, and lightweight.
Also, aluminum high thermal conductivity, available for extrusion and die casting, allows it to create hollow shapes or fins, which are very necessary for heatsinks. Often electrical devices tend to overheat during use and affect the quality performance of the device itself. This can cause some disadvantages to the user, especially during video conferencing where everyone should have speedy digital communication. There are a lot of things aluminum can do, most especially for modern use and in digital communication.

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