How Good is IP68 Waterproof Box?

Yongu offers different enclosures to cover any level of ingress protection for the needs of your projects. We have customers from all over the world that regularly make their purchases from us. If you are looking for an IP68 aluminum enclosure, then you have landed on the right page. 
Perhaps, you already know this product. Let's have a little learning before you make your purchase to help you better understand the product.
If you are looking for a protective case, you must first consider the IP rating.

What does IP rating mean?
The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) defines Ingress Protection (IP) rating as the industry standard for qualifying enclosure conformity. It certifies the legitimacy of a product that meets a certain quality of water and dust proofing/resistance. 

IP ratings set the level of protection against solids.
These solids range in size from the most minute dust and dirt particles to bodily interference. 

IP Ratings are simple and easy to use. There are two-digit codes. The first digit following the IP indicates the protection provided from the entry of solid foreign objects. The seven degrees of protection against solids are from 0 to 6. Zero-rating means no protection from solid objects. 
Six offers complete protection against dust or any other solids getting inside the enclosure. The second is the protection from water entry. The second numeral determines the ability to shield the damaging effects caused by the ingress of water.
Design considerations for IP-rated enclosures
The IEC 60529:1989 second edition specifies the following information.

Scope of IP Protection
 The IP protection factor specifies how the electrical equipment can perform in various environmental conditions:
1) Terms for the protection factor of electrical equipment housing relating to: 
· Ensuring the protection of people from the harmful parts inside the device 
· Ensuring the protection of the device inside the housing from solid foreign objects
· Ensuring the protection of the device inside the housing against the destructive effects due to the entry of water 
2) Identification of protection factor
 3) Requirements for every identification 
4) Performing inspections as required to confirm compliance with the standard 

Conducting assortment tests on products with IP ratings is a must.
These tests measure the efficiency of the items in varying circumstances.
Thus, IP rating allows you to make an educated choice on the appropriateness of the products suited for your purpose.

IP-rated cases are critical in military communications equipment where exposures are frequent with hot and dusty environments. IP-rated cases can also store specialist tools in the offshore and oil & gas industries. Industries that require staff to bring tools or equipment in the field can benefit from using water and dust-proof cases.

How good is IP68 waterproof?

If you are purchasing an IP68 waterproof enclosure, you will have guaranteed satisfaction. Waterproof enclosures provide complete protection. It is a perfect choice in wet areas or installations in severe conditions. 
Outdoor Applications
High levels of ingress protection qualify electrical products for outdoor applications. Products with IP68 certification assures superior protection thus offer excellent performance amidst any weather conditions.
Electrical System Damage
Ingress protection standards ensure that electrical components are in working order. Any entry of foreign solids or liquids could damage the electrical system. It could make the product faulty or less effective throughout its lifetime.
Product Design
IP-rated products undergo tests for standard assurance. Product designing must match IP rating to prevent lacking IP requirements.

Without IP consideration at the design stage, products may fall short of the desired IP requirements.
Using IP68 products would save consumers from repairs and replacements. IP68 provides sufficient protection against ingress and long-lasting use.
Customer Appeal
Devices like mobile phones with an IP68 rating are fit enough to withstand dust, dirt, and sand. They can resist submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for a maximum of 30 minutes. 

The use of mobile phones underwater is risky. But the IP68 certification gives consumers relief that their phones would still function well when accidentally dropped in the water.

M series
Our IP68 waterproof enclosure M Series is suitable for outdoor monitoring equipment, rail transit, and underwater detection.
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L series
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