How to avoid scrapping of aluminum alloy enclosure?

Now the electronics industry is developing rapidly. Many electronic product shells are made of aluminum alloy enclosure materials. Of course, the quality of the shell of different products is different. Therefore, when processing aluminum alloy enclosures, we must attach great importance to quality and production efficiency. Many manufacturers have scrapped when processing aluminum alloy enclosures. How to avoid this phenomenon?

First, the aluminum alloy enclosure is extruded and straightened.

Straightening is a very important link in the production process of aluminum alloy enclosures. Straightening workers must pay attention to the strength used for straightening. Excessive force may cause deformation, closing, orange peel and other problems to the aluminum profile; and too little force may cause problems. There will be a phenomenon of not straightening, resulting in bending. So we must grasp the intensity.

Second, the aluminum alloy enclosure is extruded and framed.

Extrusion and framing is also very important. After sawing the cut-to-length length, the aluminum profile must be framed. At this time, the framing workers must pay attention: whether the material is large or small, whether it is drawn with a tube or a flat die. Generally speaking, large materials and materials with pipes are not easy to be bent when framed at both ends, but small materials and materials drawn from flat molds will easily cause bending when they are lifted. At this time, you should move from both ends to the middle. Move closer to carry out lifting and framing. However, there are some aluminum profiles, such as blinds, windows, glands, etc., which must be placed on the aged aluminum profiles and then lifted into the frame.

aluminum alloy enclosure

Third, the surface treatment of aluminum alloy enclosure is put on the shelf.

After a period of time, the hardness of the aluminum alloy enclosure will reach the standard. Therefore, the aluminum profile is not so easy to bend, but you should pay attention to it when lifting the material. When lifting the material at both ends, try to avoid strong fluctuations. The aged aluminum alloy enclosure causes a certain degree of bending.

Compared with the plastic shell, the aluminum alloy enclosure is easier to process, and the hardness is also very good. It exceeds the strength of many plastics and metals, and the future development prospects are very impressive. However, in processing, we must pay attention to relevant details, improve product quality, and prevent the occurrence of scrap.