Pay attention to the six key points of aluminum profile enclosure stretching during processing.

The aluminum profile enclosure has the advantages of convenient processing and high flexibility, which can effectively increase the added value of the product. It is widely used in the electronics industry, usually including aluminum profile enclosures and aluminum die-casting shells. So what should you pay attention to during the stretching process of the aluminum profile enclosure?

1. Stretching must be done when the aluminum alloy profile is cooled below 50 degrees before it can be moved to the stretching rack for stretching. Excessive temperature to stretch will not only burn the human body, burn the top, but also because the aluminum alloy cannot be eliminated. The internal stress of the profile shows tortuous, twisted, and defective products before and after aging.

2. The stretching amount is controlled at 1%, and it should be noted that if the stretching amount is too high, there will be head, middle and tail scale errors, water-like twist marks on the surface, low elongation, high hardness and brittleness (low plasticity). Too low a stretching amount will make the compression strength and hardness of the profile lower, resulting in aging (quenching) that can not increase the hardness, and the profile is prone to arc and twists.

3. In order to control the amount of tensile deformation and very well control the dimensional changes of the entire profile, suitable special clamps and suitable methods must be selected. Especially for open material, circular arc material, cantilever material, and zigzag-shaped profiles, more attention should be paid to the rational use of stretch clamps.

aluminum profile enclosure

4. Pay attention to profiles with high width-to-thickness ratio, long cantilever walls, large arcs, large and thin wall thicknesses, strange shapes, etc., pay attention to their small feet, thin teeth, long legs, arc surfaces, inclined surfaces, openings, viewpoints, etc. The stress condition of the profile avoids the occurrence of shortcomings such as partial or point-like scale deformation, twisting, and spiraling.

5. Because the tops have the effect of heat resistance, the aluminum shells with high demand for decorative appearance must be turned up and down more, which is conducive to uniform heat dissipation. Thereby reducing the uneven crystallinity due to uneven heat dissipation, and then the shortcomings of lateral bright spots, especially the large wide surface, thicker wall aluminum profile enclosure should pay more attention.

6. In the process of reclaiming, moving and stretching, it is not allowed to rub each other, pull, stack, jam, or entangle each other. It is necessary to reserve a certain interval. The aluminum alloy profiles that are prone to twists and turns and the length of the discharge should be disposed of in time, and if necessary, take care of each other.

The aluminum profile enclosure processing technology is to place the activated plated parts in an aqueous solution of salt and hydrochloric acid for chemical treatment, which can be processed into various types of gold, color, black and other bright series of aluminum profile enclosure products.