Ultimate Guide to Wall Mounted Box

At first glance, the wall-mounted enclosure seems unimportant. Actually, it takes a vital place in the housing project field by protecting the electronics products in residences and industries(IT system, telecommunications, etc.)  In this guide, we would give you a complete guide about what the wall-mounted enclosures are, their applications, as well as give a brief introduction of the different types of materials available.

What Are Wall Mounted Enclosures?

As its name implies, the wall-mounted enclosure is a type of electronic enclosure that is intended to be affixed to an indoor or outdoor wall. They are designed to contain and protect various types of electrical switchgear and control gear assemblies.
wall mount electronics enclosure

If the box has a transparent panel door, the person in charge could easily observe components. Some products also are specially designed to be entirely solid for additional strength and tamper resistance.

What Are They Used For?

No matter what domestic or industrial aluminum box you are looking for, any normal electronic enclosure is used for storing and protecting sensitive components. Otherwise, the components are easily affected by dust, dirt, and moisture. In addition to the basic function, the wall mount enclosure provides better security and privacy and saves your space.

In certain conditions, the wall-mount enclosure needs to be customized design, while the general wall mount enclosure has a multipurpose structure offering a wide variety of practical uses:

●Containing and protecting a variety of electrical switches and terminal compartments.

●Protecting sensitive electrical from dirt, moisture, and other environmental factors.

●Weatherproofing and protecting security systems.

●Housing residential and industrial power and control systems.

Types of Wall Mount Electronics Enclosure

The universal wall mount electronics enclosures are built with different usages for different installation needs, whether residential or commercial. In this part, we would list the most common wall-mounted enclosure types you may find from electronics enclosure suppliers.

Weatherproof Wall Boxes

The wall-mount enclosure is the popular design for the weatherproof electrical enclosure. It could be an integrated circuit aluminum box that houses indoor or outdoor switches, circuit boards, and other electrical components. Also, the word “weatherproof” means this type of enclosure has a relation with the IP rating. IP rating suggests that how well an item blocks foreign objects from getting aside.

Vented Wall-Mounted Enclosures

The enclosure is designed with a series of grilles or fluted cut-outs along the sides or in the door panel, to make the management of the internal components and equipment easier. Most vented wall-mounted enclosures are used for housing components that generate significant amounts of heat(printed circuit boards, battery backup systems, power supplies, etc.)

Lockable Electrical Enclosures

This electrical box currently on the market mostly has locking functions to improve security and protection. Before purchasing lockable electrical enclosures, you need to pay more attention to the locking system. The popular lock mechanisms include single lock, cam lock, double bar lock, quick-release lockable wall boxes.


Compared with traditional electronic component enclosure, the wall mounting enclosure not only saves the installation space, but also protects the equipment and components from dust, dirt, and moisture. Installed in non-traditional locations, the wall-mount enclosure still proves its significance in safeguarding electrical components. Therefore, if you need a new and special type of enclosure, you could find professional electronic enclosure manufacturers to purchase customized wall mount enclosures.