High-quality, proven durability, and creative aesthetics make anodized aluminum a great buy. Various texture finishes enhance an anodized aluminum. A bright brushed finish is one of them. Projects like rooftops, car decoration panels, mobile phone shells, and storefronts use bright brushed aluminum. These projects require a light finish, and a brushed anodized finish aluminum does the job for them.
Opting for brushed anodized aluminum for your next project is a smart choice since it has several excellent advantages. Despite its light and neat finish, anodized aluminum can still provide corrosion resistance, long durability, and abrasion resistance. It is easy to clean, water-resistant, and also free from acquiring scratches and fingerprints. When it comes to construction, brushed aluminum can be easily formed and welded. You won't regret upscaling with your customers. It can provide a neat matte finish suitable for any plating or painting of their choice and is very fashionable.

Anodizing aluminum aids in increasing the capabilities and properties of aluminum. Placing the aluminum in a chemical bath and washes would result in anodizing. Hence, an electric charge occurs during this chemical interaction and forms a thick oxide layer. This process is not only for used bright brushed aluminum. You have the option to anodize any aluminum with dyes.
Your bathroom accessories, dust covers, light fixtures, mailboxes, and window frames were products of brushed anodizing. In addition, the food industry generally uses end-products such as display cases, pans, coolers, and grills. Signages are also the most common end product of brushed aluminum.
Brushed anodized aluminum only requires minimal maintenance and resists scratching. It offers excellent wear and abrasion resistance, particularly in high-traffic areas.
Meanwhile, clear coating the aluminum protects it against corrosion. It forms as a protective layer over the surface of the aluminum. Some aluminum products have invisible clear-coat layers that shield the metal from the environment.

Considering bright brushed anodized aluminum has many benefits. The anodized aluminum has different features. It includes the ability to manage the temperature, durability, and increased strength properties. Thermal control helps a lot that when an anodized aluminum is a window or door, blocking out heat or cold air is vital.
Brushed anodizing can produce a distinct look for interiors and storefronts. It is adhering to environment-friendly practices and is a much-preferred method for its cost-efficiency.
As one of the post-extrusion processes, it refines imperfections and ensures damage-free material handling in the manufacturing and transporting procedures.

YONGU offers high-quality products that has undergone sophisticated, globally accepted and environment-friendly processes. Products made from brushed anodized aluminum is highly recommended. We can customize according to your needs.