Why Cable Management Requires Waterproofing?

Cable management is incredibly crucial in establishing an aesthetically pleasant and clean atmosphere; regardless the environment is corporate, industrial, or in your house. To safeguard equipment from being clogged with dust and debris caused by tangled or messy wires, keeping them organized and in order is essential. Twisted wires and cables frequently may be difficult and time-consuming to disentangle and maintain straight.
There are several different ways to think about cable management, including cable junction boxes, utility cabinets, and data cabinets. It also applies to outside wires to avoid.

Applications of Cable Management
Consumer electronics and appliances - cabling solutions are needed for easy and efficient production. Examples include quick-fit grommets and cable clamps.
Data cabinets – organize cables and make them easy to access while preventing accidents and data loss. Examples include cable bushings and cable clamps.
Outdoor enclosures – weatherproof solutions with guaranteed ingress protection protect cables and prevent costly repairs. Solutions include nylon cable glands and cable clamps.
Automotive – for electrical wires bundled and protected, use grommets: easy-to-install protection from the sharp edges of unfinished sheet metal while protecting against components.

WaterProofing your Electronics & Electrical
A new product's surroundings must be taken into account while creating it. For example, waterproofing is famous for goods intended for outdoor usage. Other settings that necessitate waterproofing include high humidity locations and those with liquids other than water. Machines and wires are frequently exposed to splash hazards in warehouses and factories.
More and more electrical goods must be water-resistant in an age where even consumer gadgets like smartphones claim excellent IP certifications. Even while almost all manufacturers are aware that electrical devices are at risk of water infiltration, not everyone knows that these items must be waterproofed down to their components. The casing of a product can be weather-sealed to preserve it, but how will the product charge, communicate data, or interact with the user if that happens? Moreover, practically every electrical device has a cable connector or power connector port that might allow water to enter. 
The IP ratings needed for your goods must be considered when designing cables and connections. Waterproof applications may require the development of a cable assembly and connection together. With overmoulding, a waterproof enclosure may be created with conventional links that are not fundamentally waterproof; this is done by customizing the cable assembly.
Custom over-molded cables, which provide rugged durability and may also generate tailored seals to achieve a degree of waterproofing up to IP68, should be specified by product designers who are aware of this necessity. This certification provides complete dust and water protection and long-term immersion in water to specified depths.
Waterproofing needs must be incorporated into the design process from the outset. A veiled hood or O-rings might be added to the over mould to establish a seal between the panel and the housing.

Some Key Aspects of Cable Managed Enclosures
  1. Slots for cable entrance.
  2. The cable trough system may be installed without the need for any tools.
  3. To facilitate roof removal and cable installation, shutter mounting is available.
  4. Pre-installed front and rear framing components.
  5. There are a variety of possibilities for spacing between elements.
  6. Cooling and electricity components from infrastructure
  7. Easy-to-adjust leveling from top to bottom.
  8. All enclosures come equipped with casters.
  9. Racks that don't require any tools to install.
  10. Tool-free installation of vertical cable organizers.
  11. Features of cable fastening.
  12. The use of adjustable screws and nuts.
  13. No loose hardware with captive screws.
  14. To make rapid adjustments, visual alignment is helpful.
  15. Handling is simple and safe.
  16. Latch that releases quickly.
  17. Lockable.
  18. Electrical connection between the frame and the outside of the vehicle.
  19. Front and rear door ventilation system.
  20. IP67/IP68 rated enclosures to provide safety from the harsh environment, including dust, moisture, and others.

Why should Cable Enclosures be Waterproof?
Our daily lives are surrounded by electrical wiring, and most of those wirings are pretty safe. If your wiring becomes contaminated by water, you risk serious issues. If you touch it, you run the risk of corroded cables or electrocution. When handling exposed electrical wires, you may already have some experience. You wouldn't want to go through it again.
When building a system for use in a wet environment, one of the first considerations should be how components A and B will be electrically connected dependably. Plug the charging wire into the bottom of your phone, and you'll have a fully charged battery in no time at all. When submerged in saltwater, how long would the connection last? Minutes? Seconds? It's a lot more difficult (and expensive) than it appears to make watertight electrical connections in a wet environment, especially if it's saltwater or under substantial pressure.
An electrical problem might grow significantly worse in the event of flooding or a busted water pipe. In this situation, it's essential to switch off the electricity right away and bring in a licensed electrician. In seconds, water may reach virtually every location on the planet. A fire can also be started with water. Electrical current may be rapidly increased when moisture is present, causing the electricity to flow via wires and other objects it comes into contact with.
Your electrical wirings and cables should not have to wait for them to be submerged in water before you can fix them. Avoiding issues like this may be accomplished by using cable management in waterproof enclosures and waterproof cables.
In a moist environment, you want to minimize the number of electrical connections as feasible. YONGU presents a wide variety of watertight enclosures for cable management.


YOUGU Waterproof  & Weatherproof Aluminium Boxes & enclosures are suitable for use in harsh environments such as heavy machinery, industrial plants, and underwater or outdoor applications.

YONGU has a wide variety of IP-rated enclosures with flexible customization options. If you're looking for Waterproof & Weatherproof enclosures, we're proud to offer several models, including:

YONGU L Series: Durable enclosures rugged enough for indoor or outdoor applications and withstand extreme weather conditions and water immersion.
L Series include around 24 different models, including
  • Outdoor Electrical & Water Proof Boxes
  • Waterproof Plastic Enclosures
  • Waterproof Electrical Enclosures
  • IP67 Aluminum Boxes
  • Waterproof Electrical Junction & Power Boxes
  • Weatherproof Electrical Enclosures
  • Waterproof Metal Junction Boxes
  • Waterproof Box for Boat
  • Waterproof Battery Boxes
  • Automotive Waterproof Electrical Junction Boxes
  • Waterproof Connection Boxes
  • Waterproof PCB Boxes
  • Waterproof Switch Boxes
  • Waterproof Underground Electrical Junction Boxes
The following characteristics unite them.
  • With a distribution ring, it is easy to keep the device watertight and dustproof.
  • Sock-resistant Diecast aluminum housing
  • Resilient and durable for prolonged use
  • Conductivity may be achieved by using unpolished interior surfaces.

YONGU M Series: Highly versatile enclosures at an economical price
M Series include around 11 different models, including
  • IP67/IP68 Aluminum & Waterproof Boxes
  • weatherproof electrical boxes
  • outdoor electrical junction boxes
  • waterproof junction boxes
  • outdoor electronic boxes
The following characteristics unite them.
  • With the use of a distribution ring, it is easy to keep the device watertight and dustproof
  • Sock-resistant Diecast aluminium housing
  • Resilient and durable for prolonged use
  • Conductivity may be achieved by using unpolished interior surfaces.

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