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Robust aluminum enclosures with superior heat dissipation with IP67・IP68 protection class. Suitable to be used in a harsh environment such as heavy machinery, industrial plant or outdoor applications. If you are purchasing an IP68 waterproof aluminum enclosure, you will have guaranteed satisfaction. Waterproof enclosures provide complete protection. It is a perfect choice in wet areas or installations in severe conditions. This ip68 electronic enclosure can be submerged under the limited height of the water, most industrial and consumer uses will be concerned about the waterproof rating, you can find what this product shines below:

1. Waterproof

IP68 metal enclosure has better characteristics for waterproof and sealing with a one-piece silicangel seal ring. Good seal screws design, waterproof rate up to IP68. Also, IP68 gives the highest rating of enclosure protection against dust and moisture.

2. Heat Dissipation

IP68 waterproof electrical enclosures Robust aluminum enclosures with superior heat dissipation with IP67・IP68 protection class. Suitable to be used in a harsh environment such as heavy machinery, industrial plant, or outdoor applications.


The IP68 aluminum box is suitable for rail transit, underwater detection, and outdoor monitoring equipment. High levels of ingress protection qualify electrical products for outdoor applications. Products with IP68 certification assure superior protection thus offer excellent performance amidst any weather conditions.

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