Extruded Aluminum Enclosure: 6 Wide Applications

In the previous post, I have introduced you to the definition, usage, and benefits of the extruded aluminum enclosure. Today, I would make further illustrations about the application of the extruded aluminum enclosure, in order to let you deepen your understanding of the extruded aluminum enclosure.

Hard Drive

As we all know, the enclosure has close relation with the electronic device. Therefore, the first use of the enclosure is the electronic thing. Hard drives need protection from the enclosure. The hard drives usually contain critical data which requires the drives should adopts strong protection. Extruded aluminum project box should not only just protect it from everyday falls and bumps, but also need to make it survive from the potential water damage and high temperature.

Audio Equipment

Anyone who is fond of a high-performance audio setup knows the extruded audio enclosure is a great protection that often protects some of the most vital equipment. From the injection boxes to stereo receivers to rack-mounted audio effects, the audio enclosure is the protector of the music performance.
YONGU custom audio electronic enclosure is the best project boxed for your music equipment. YONGU supports various surface treatments for your customized enclosure, such as enclosure brushed, enclosure sandblasting, enclosure anodized, and so on.

Medical Devices

You may haven’t noticed that the extruded aluminum enclosure also is powerful protection for medical devices. Currently, many medical devices which are used for monitoring patient vital signs and other important data are contained in extruded aluminum enclosures.
One of the reasons why medical device manufacturers adopt this enclosure is the electromagnetic shielding properties could help defend medical devices against potentially dangerous RFI and EMI interference. However, from a sideways perspective, it also lets us understand the benefits of aluminum: its antiseptic and easy-to-clean surface allows the medical workers easily to clean the medical devices.

Machinery Control Panels

The machinery control panels for industrial machinery require sophisticated, high-performance enclosures. YONGU’s extruded aluminum enclosure can stand the test. They make an excellent performance in the protection, under different external environments. They can resist dust, water, heat, and other hazards. The CNC machine is also available for our aluminum enclosure. The advanced CNC machine could modify an extruded aluminum enclosure with all of the custom cutouts you need.

Junctions Boxed

The extruded aluminum enclosures also serve as the electrical junction box that protects our electrical infrastructure. The IP rating enclosure is the ideal option to protect sensitive electrical components and ensure power flow. The ip68 project box is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

New Technology

Currently, enclosure technology continues to develop in the 21st century. Also, most electronic devices were also first introduced to the world. Therefore, we need to find a great enclosure that could meet the performance specs required for new technological applications. The extruded aluminum enclosure could greatly meet this requirement with its high compatibility.


Nowadays, the extruded aluminum enclosure is the latest trend in the modern manufacturing industry. With its outstanding benefits, it takes an indispensable position in the electronic industry. Therefore, it is vital to find a qualified extruded aluminum enclosure manufacturer.
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