Interesting Facts about Our Aluminum Electronics Enclosure

Through 8 years of innovation and product development, our company has modeled 120 varieties for our aluminum electronics enclosure. Good thing we have been working day and night to reach your standards.
The backbone of our aluminum electronic enclosure is the dedicated and excellent professionals from our design, business, and after-sales service team. Our designer team has been working tirelessly to provide you with the appropriate aesthetic your industry aspires to.
The business team who have been focused on enhancing our business plans and our after-sales service team keep customer satisfaction up to the brim.
All in all, our product is dedicated to keeping up with your ever-changing needs and innovative ideas.
One testament is our product development of aluminum electronics enclosure through time. Our aluminum electronics enclosure guarantees the safe and secured packing of your electronic system. Whether may it be for your indoor or outdoor electronics, we got handled. An aluminum electronics enclosure keeps all the wires and disorganization in a proper place without damaging the quality performance of your appliance. The natural durability of Aluminum alloy is a major factor in our electronics enclosure.

Although the main material of our enclosure is aluminum, we have available products with plastic end panels with mounting screws for an easier installation.
Take a look at our YONGU Plastic Panel Cover Aluminum Enclosure K series. With a very light and portable enclosure, this model also comes with colorful colors. Plastic panels found in the aluminum electronic enclosure acts as an anti-collision design. The panels also keep your electrical system in place and are most likely dust-free. Due to the main component of Aluminum Alloy, all our electronics enclosures are assured to manage heat wisely by dissipating it. The convenience of a lightweight and highly reliable enclosure is very catchy enough to earn your attention. Now let’s see what else our aluminum electronics enclosure may offer you.

Different models of the aluminum electronics enclosure
Ranging from H, J, and K Series, we have a total of 120 models to choose from. Each is designed to meet your electrical needs. These models are very much suitable for your FA control boxes, network devices, measuring instruments, and even audio amplifiers. In a variety of mobile, hinged, sloped and flanged enclosures, we assure you that whatever your industry needs we can always catch up.
One of our leading innovations is the IP68 Waterproof Aluminum enclosure, giving protection to your electronics even in harsh weather conditions. Examples of these are the YONGU Waterproof Electronics Aluminum Enclosure M05 and a lot more.
Through CNC Machinery, it makes the product easier to customize. The surface is treated with a brush, sandblast, anodized, and silkscreen printed. Through anodization, our color customization ranges from gold, blue, black, silver, yellow, white, red, and many more. Other products such as YONGU Split Extruded Box H02 50*21mm are open to customization for their thickness. Other designs in mind. Feel free to check out our recommended products on this site and see what suits you.


The precision of functionality and design keeps our aluminum electronics enclosure at the top of the rest. With high-end machinery and manufacturing, we guarantee you the safest and secure enclosure to whatever electronics you have. From project boxes, airtight boxes to the waterproof enclosure we keep on progressing. Not only does our main product enhance the quality of your electronics, but we also provide you with the fashionable and coolest color customization. If keeping the electronics in place keeps you worried. Leave the wandering of enclosures' safety and design to us, and let us help you advance your business.
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