Why Use an Amplifier Aluminum Enclosure for Your Audio Appliances

In providing the best protection and securing your audio appliances with high-end designed aluminum cases and chassis for the best audio experience, an amplifier aluminum enclosure fits you well. Stereo speaker systems are now vital in your offices, house, or car. Most of the time, we neglect giving the best component of protection for our valuable audio appliances from damages. Placing your electrical wires in your audio appliances set up in a single space is beneficial.

Good thing an aluminum enclosure keeps the electrical component in place without compromising the sound quality of your amplifiers. Furthermore, let us discuss the advantages of having an aluminum-made amplifier enclosure and its different models.
Advantages of Aluminum Enclosure?

  • The speed transmission of sound travels fastest in an elastic and less dense material, thanks to the aluminum component of the amplifier enclosure.
  • Against other amplifier enclosures such as wooden shells or steel, aluminum alloy is very light. It comes very handy as amplifiers are already heavy.
  •  It can also deliver speedy and less harmonic distortion of sound waves for audio enthusiasts. Aluminum enclosures have excellent electromagnetic shielding performance preventing your audio appliances from electrical interference.
  • The metallic property of high thermal conductivity and low emissive rate in aluminum allows it to act as a heat shield, preventing your audio appliance from overheating. Amplifiers create a high rate of heat emission with all their wires trapped in an area, a good thing aluminum alloys make up the chassis of the enclosures. Using aluminum foils reduces the dissipation of the heat temperature.
  • The elasticity of aluminum prevents it from being easily deformed. 
Models of Amplifier Aluminum Enclosure
  • Aside from giving you clean music and the best quality sound, the amplifier aluminum enclosure models your different audio appliances.
  • It can serve as GPS analyzer housing, HIFI amplifier aluminum housing, electronic product aluminum housing, printed-circuit board-wiring aluminum box, anti-thunder aluminum housing, and many more.
  • Sandblasted and brushed, the amplifier aluminum enclosure aids in environment-friendly and non-toxic processing of metal fabrication.
  • The amplifier aluminum enclosure is suitable for pre-main amplifiers, tube amplifiers, or other audio appliances.36 fashionable yet convenient rounded modes, heatsink models, and tube amplifiers are also available.
  • The heatsinks in our amplifier aluminum enclosure provide the proper ventilation for all the heat out inside the box.
  • Our newest W series is designed through appearance and structure to give off an outstanding sound--YONGGU Extruded Aluminum Electronic High-Quality Enclosure W12 is 145*82 mm in red, black anodizing, or any color variation based on your requirement.

The material property of the Amplifier Aluminum Enclosure gives you a rewarding experience with your audio appliances without compromising the good looks you desire. The CNC machinery assures you of complete customization of your enclosure in a convenient and fast process. Together with the different models of amplifier aluminum enclosure, combining durability and fantastic features with the sound quality you deserve from your audio appliances will be served. One must always consider the looks and purpose of the enclosure. It is what our Amplifier Aluminum Enclosure can provide you. Take the step and have it delivered to your doorstep.

We customize enclosures through CNC machinery. It helps you choose the right size for your chassis where all your necessary wires, tubes, power supply, and heat sinks can all fit in. Whether the size of your audio appliance is big or small, we offer you full-sized customization services.
Feel free to send us your desired width, height, and length  at salesglobal@yonggu-enclosure.com