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Amplifier Aluminum Enclosure

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When providing the best protection and protecting your audio equipment with high-end designed aluminum enclosures and chassis for the best audio experience, the audio amplifier enclosure is perfect for you.

Advantages of Hifi amplifier enclosure:

1. The audio amplifier aluminum box keeps the electrical component in place without compromising the sound quality of your amplifiers.
2. Against other amplifier enclosures such as wooden shells or steel, Audio amplifier aluminum box is very light.
3. Aluminum enclosures have excellent electromagnetic shielding performance preventing your audio appliances from electrical interference. It can also deliver speedy and less harmonic distortion of sound waves for audio enthusiasts.
4. The metallic property of high thermal conductivity and low emissive rate in aluminum allows it to act as a heat shield, preventing your audio appliance from overheating.


High-end designed aluminum waterproof amplifier case and audio amplifier chassis for audio appliances. Suitable to be used for pre-main amplifiers, headphone amplifiers, tube amplifiers, or other audio appliances.

Our amplifier enclosure combining durability and fantastic design with the sound quality you deserve from your audio appliances will be served. We customize enclosures through CNC machinery. It helps you choose the right size for your chassis where all your necessary wires, tubes, power supply, and heat sinks can all fit in. Whether the size of your audio appliance is big or small, we offer you full-sized customization services.

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