Sheet Metal Enclosure

What is a sheet metal enclosure? Sheet metal enclosures and aluminum enclosures utilize extruded aluminum parts. The aluminum sheet metal enclosure is used to resist corrosion and provide electrical conductivity. The product is widely used for various industrial purposes. Suitable for measuring instruments, testing devices, power supply units, controllers, audio amplifiers. The enclosure is composed of three parts: shell+ front/rear panels+ 8 crews, adopted the AL6063S materials.

1. Multiple functions such as water-Tight, EMI shielded, or Heat Dissipation Options.
2. Excellent resistance to both high and low temperatures.
3. long-lasting and durable, Steel enclosures provide a strong, secure, and reliable home for your electronic and electrical designs.
4. High resistance to impacts from tools and machinery.

A wide selection of sizes and sheet metal enclosure design is available. Made of sturdy sheet metal, our line of ip rated metal enclosures includes many classics used in industrial and desktop applications. We can provide Sheet Metal fabrication solutions to our customers with our wide selection and renowned quality.

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